What is Sniperspy and What does it Do?

What is SniperSpy Software program?

SniperSpy Software program is remote monitoring software that allows you to watch the remote Computer like a television. It is specially developed for the parents and employers who wish to maintain an eye on kids and employees respectively in their absence.

It allows “live streaming” of any of your remote computer and you just require an internet connection to view all of the happenings reside. It save screenshots, text logs, visited web sites, keystroke and each other activity that is associated with your remote Computer.

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Why Should I Require It?

With the availability of high-speed web, kids sometimes encounter websites which are inappropriate for their age. Many children also complain that they've been bullied by an individual more than the internet or some people harass them over social web sites. To be able to shield children from all such stuff, SniperSpy may be of great assistance. With it, a parent can safely monitor his kid as well as manage his computer-based activity through an internet manage panel at any time.

Within the exact same way, employers have to monitor the computer-based activity of workers and make sure that they work in the working hours effectively. To be able to carry out the supervisory function effectively, SniperSpy could be a fantastic tool to inspect the activities of the workforce and ensure every individual is motivated towards work.

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Why SniperSpy is Good?

SniperSpy is truly great software that allows remote monitoring all the time from anywhere. It is easy to set up and provides simple Manage Panel access. It's compatible with any firewall and may also be installed by sending an e-mail to the remote Pc. SniperSpy runs in background and records every activity from the pc. All the collected information is then sent to your on-line account that's password protected and only you can log-in to see the details.

Ease of Use

Monitoring with SniperSpy is very easy. A user needs to have a pc nearby with an internet connection to obtain access to his control panel for viewing the monitored information. The manage panel is user-friendly and gives simple access to the monitored information from the targeted Pc.

Help and Assistance

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The customer assistance of SniperSpy is superb, any person can log in to the official website and ask any queries related to the software program at any time by using the live chat assistance.

Overall, SniperSpy is a outstanding Computer monitoring software program that grants users easy control of a pc from a distance. Users can view computer’s activity in genuine time, verify reports, block undesirable web sites as well as end processes from the targeted pc by utilizing SniperSpy control panel.

It is an ideal software for parents to keep a close eye around the internet-based activity of children and monitor what they search, kind and view over the web.

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